Pure Australian Wagyu

Darling Downs nutritious Australian
wagyu that you can trust.

From our Australian family to yours

Northern Australia has been the home of our Darling Downs cattle for many years. Every bite of our pure Australian wagyu tells the story of our precious land.

Quality you can trust

Our high-quality wagyu comes from the care and importance we place on giving our cattle the best life they can have.

Raised on clean, green pastures

The unique Darling Downs flavour comes from being raised in a clean unpolluted environment in the vast grasslands of Northern Australia.

Darling Downs isn’t just a product, it’s a way of life

Our cattlemen and women love what they do and take enormous pride in caring for the land and our animals.

Their dedication ensures that Darling Downs provides high-quality goodness you can count on. By honing our craft and building on our experience, we deliver the most flavorsome, tender and versatile wagyu.

We put our hearts and soul into it, so you can be sure you’ve chosen the best.

Flavoursome, Tender & Versatile

Darling Downs Wagyu are raised on the expansive pastures of northern Australia and spend a minimum of 330 days on grain, which helps the development of fine even marbling. 

The rich flavour comes from the care and importance we place on giving our animals the best life they can have.

Get creative with our Darling Downs Wagyu recipes

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Thai-Style Wagyu Eye Fillet Salad with Peanut-Coriander Dressing
Reversed Seared Wagyu Rib Eye with Rosemary Potato Chips

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