Premium Australian Wagyu

Flavoursome, Tender & Versatile

Our cattlemen and women love what they do and take enormous pride in caring for the land and our cattle. Their dedication ensures that Darling Downs provides you with high quality wagyu you can count on. By honing our craft and building on our experience, we deliver the most flavoursome, tender and versatile wagyu.  

We put our hearts and soul into it, so you can be sure you’ve chosen the best quality produce.

The care taken by our team translates to delivering a high-quality product with consistency of texture and a highly pleasurable tenderness with a clean finish that speaks of a culture of attention to detail. 

From the fine grain to the big, meaty taste, flavour and tenderness is only the beginning of the Darling Downs experience.

Why is Darling Downs wagyu so delicious & tender?

Our wagyu is distinctive because it is highly marbled. Marbling refers to the visible layers of intramuscular fat. This is fat that is found in the muscle and due to the unique genetics of the cattle, the meat contains a higher percentage of fatty acids than ordinary beef, giving it a higher marbling score. 

The famous Darling Downs flavour comes from being raised on natural grasslands and provided a specialised diet for at least 330 days, helping take the taste and tenderness of our eating experience up a notch.

Ask your butcher for Darling Downs wagyu today & impress your friends and family.

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